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Product List

ProductTheme / PluginsLicense
INR(₹) Price
Astra ProThemeLifetimeProduct + Key$5₹399
Astra Essential BundleTheme with PluginsLifetimeProduct + Key$7₹550
Astra Growth BundleTheme with PluginsLifetimeProduct + Key$10₹799
Divi BoosterDivi PluginLifetimeProduct$10₹799
Divi PlusDivi PluginLifetimeProduct$10₹799
WP RocketPluginYearlyProduct$10₹799
Divi MonkDivi PluginLifetimeProduct + Key$10₹799
Divi SupremeDivi PluginLifetimeProduct + Key$10₹799
Brindle Booking PluginPluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
Divi Bundle (Divi builder, Divi Pro,
Bloom, Monarch, Extra)
Divi PluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
Divi Flash - LifetimeDivi PluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
EWWW Image Optimizer LifetimeElementor Add-onLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
Ninja Table ProPluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
Jet Forms BuilderPluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
Wp FormsPluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
Essential Addons for ElementorElementor
LifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
Happy addons ProElementor
LifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
Exlusive addons ProElementor
LifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
Powerpack ElementsElementor
LifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
YearlyProduct + Key$15₹1199
Crocoblock Wizard LifetimeElementor
LifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
Premium addon proElementor
LifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
Ultimate Addons For ElementorElementor
LifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
Woostify Pro (NEW)ThemeLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
Generatepress LifetimeThemeLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
EMarket Theme LifetimeThemeLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
Woolentor Pro (NEW)PluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
AIO WP Migration unlimited (Auto
PluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
ACF ProPluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
Imagify Pro Infinite (NEW)Optimization
LifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
HashBar Pro Lifetime - (WordPress
Notification Bar Plugin)
PluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
Multi Currency Pro LifetimePluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
Absolute Addons for Elementor
Lifetime (HT Mega Pro)
PluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
Whols Pro Lifetime – (WooCommerce
Wholesale Prices)
PluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
Docus Pro Lifetime - (YouTube Video
PluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
UpFilter Pro Lifetime (Best Product
Filter for WooCommerce)
PluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
HT Click To Call LifetimePluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
Email Candy Pro Lifetime - (Email
customizer for WooCommerce)
PluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
JustTables Pro Lifetime -
(WooCommerce Product Table)
PluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
HT Builder Pro Lifetime - (WordPress
Theme Builder for Elementor)
PluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
WC Builder Pro Lifetime –
(WooCommerce Page Builder for
PluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
HT Menu Pro Lifetime – (WordPress
Mega Menu Builder for Elementor)
PluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
WP Plugin Manager Pro LifetimePluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
HT Slider Pro For Elementor LifetimePluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
HT Google Place Review LifetimePluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
Extensions For CF7 Pro LifetimePluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
Was This Helpful Plugin LifetimePluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
HT Script Pro LifetimePluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
Swatchly Pro LifetimePluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
HT Click To Call LifetimePluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
Gravity FormsForm PluginYearlyProduct + Key$15₹1199
WP Form ProForm PluginYearlyProduct + Key$15₹1199
Ninja Form ProForm PluginYearlyProduct + Key$15₹1199
Jet Form Builder (Lifetime)Form PluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
Oxygen GutenbergPluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
Oxygen WoocommercePluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
OxyPowerPack LifetimePluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
Hydrogen Pack LifetimePluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
Oxy Ultimate & Woo LifetimePluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
Oxygen Attributes LifetimePluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
Advanced Scripts managerPluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
WP Vivid Pro - LifetimeBackup &
Migration Plugin
LifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
Prime Slider Pro (Lifetime)PluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
WooLentor Pro (Lifetime)PluginLifetimeProduct + Key$15₹1199
Bricks BuilderThemeLifetimeProduct + Key$20₹1599
Bricks UltimatePluginLifetimeProduct + Key$20₹1599
BricksExtrasPluginLifetimeProduct + Key$20₹1599
Motion.PagePluginLifetimeProduct + Key$20₹1599
WPFunnelsPluginLifetimeProduct + Key$20₹1599
Kadence BundleThemeLifetimeProduct + Key$20₹1599
Woozone BundleThemeLifetimeProduct + Key$20₹1599
Oxygen Builder AgencyThemeLifetimeProduct + Key$20₹1599
OceanWP BundleThemeLifetimeProduct + Key$20₹1599
Ocean WP bundleThemeLifetimeProduct + Key$20₹1599
Themify bundleThemeLifetimeProduct + Key$20₹1599
Kedence theme bundleThemeLifetimeProduct + Key$20₹1599
Solid Affiliate PRO LifetimePluginLifetimeProduct + Key$20₹1599
Oxygen BuilderPage BuilderLifetimeProduct + Key$20₹1599
Hide My WP Ghost PRO LifetimePluginLifetimeProduct + Key$20₹1599
Zion BuilderPage BuilderLifetimeProduct + Key$20₹1599
Hide My WP Ghost PROPluginInstallation$15₹1199
Rank Math ProPluginInstallation$10₹799
Element Kit LifetimePluginInstallation$15₹1199
Elementor ProPluginInstallation$10₹799
Tutor LMSPluginInstallation$25₹1999